Welcome to where I focus on providing AutoCAD as well as general tips and tricks on daily production for power users and those tasked with making others more productive in the AEC workplace.


I recently changed jobs and have started down a new path. As part of this change, I do not see me contributing content to this blog. Therefore, I am no longer accepting new sign-ups on this site. It has been awhile since I added new content, and I do not feel it is right to accept registrations when no new content is planned.

As much of the content is not time-based and will to provide value, the existing site content will remain until such date that I feel it is time to completely shut down the blog. I have enjoyed creating information for this blog and sharing it with those who have read and hopefully benefited from some of the content.

I still maintain another blog that I will be contributing to on any current interests that I have. This blog is:

Thanks for your stopping by.


What is AEC?

If the abbreviated term ‘AEC’ is new to you, AEC is short for ‘Architecture, Engineering and Construction’ – the world I have spent the last 30 years of my life in. To keep it brief (you can read more about me here), I have filled roles as a hand drafter, CADD drafter, mechanical designer (HVAC & Plumbing), electrical designer, architectural designer and project manager in all of these areas.  I have dealt with a lot of issues and spent the majority of that time finding ways to make myself and others more productive.

Why FunctionSense?

With that brief intro out of the way, lets cover what FunctionSense has to offer. FunctionSense started as a blog to talk about productivity and efficiency in the AEC production workplace.  There is a strong focus on AutoCAD and Systems and a bunch of related sub topics.  I cover ‘How to’ topics, ‘productivity’ topics, ‘Customization’ and throw in a few ‘Rants’ along the way.

Popular Posts:

Below are the top six posts to date.  I know usually there are a top 5, but I am throwing in a bonus!  There is a mix of topics here – which shows a little about the breadth, yet focus of the blog.

This should help you get a good feel for what’s available here and the type of content I provide.  Thanks for checking out the site – if you would like to keep up to date, consider joining the email list – I do not SPAM and you can subscribe or unsubscribe at any time.


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