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Taking CTRL in AutoCAD

Taking shortcuts in life will sometimes come back to bite you. But there are some areas in life where shortcuts come in handy and make you more productive.  In AutoCAD there are shortcut keys that you can use to increase your speed and productivity.  Many old-time CADD jockeys are very familiar with using shortcut keys […]

Purge Your AutoCAD Files

Over the years Email has become the most prevalent method of exchanging files. As our DWG files get smarter and our users get lazier, the files continue to grow in size.  A big market now is for file sharing applications that can allow users or entire companies to exchange files through a link instead of […]

New AutoCAD Features by Version

With each new version of AutoCAD there is typically a mass public release of blog posts, web updates and press releases with what the newest version does compared to the last or previous versions.   This is helpful for those that are considering making the move, but many skip multiple releases before taking the plunge. […]

The Hitchhikers Guide to AutoCAD

While reviewing an E-News Letter  recently from our Autodesk vendor I came across an interesting link in their featured Blog posts that took me to an Autodesk help site. Here I found a help series labeled “The Hitchhikers Guide to AutoCAD“.  Now if you are new to AutoCAD or have been a long time circle and line […]

AutoCAD 2013 / Revit MEP Learning Resources

In a previous post I listed some videos for AutoCAD 2013 by Brian Benton and Revit MEP 2013 by Simon Whitbread, all published through Infinite Skills. Below are some additional resources that combine Blog articles, Videos and websites. I will update this post as new ones are found. If you have found some useful resources […]

AutoCAD 2013 / Revit MEP – You Got it, but do You Get it?

Upgrading to new software, especially technical software like AutoCAD can be a tough transition.  If you’re a few versions behind, it can be quite daunting and frustrating when dealing with the new tools and interface.  I know of  at least five firms that I work with that are making the leap from older versions of […]

AutoCAD Upgrades

Are you planning on upgrading to AutoCAD 2013?  For users that have older versions of AutoCAD and have not upgraded in a while (versions older than 2010), now would seem like a great time to do so.  Between the discounted pricing and 0% financing you have a great opportunity to get up to current technology […]

AutoCAD 101 – Layers (are a piece of cake…)

A lot of folks use AutoCAD every day and while doing so, use the ‘Layer function’ – but how many actually understand its full power and how to maximize their productivity by utilizing them properly? What are Layers? In AutoCAD, Layers are basically graphic levels of a DWG similar to a cake. Like a cake, […]

AutoCAD 101 – Intro

I will kick things off with a post that is near and dear to me – especially at the present time, as I am dealing with this issue every day. This post may seem out of character for many that are unfamiliar with AutoCAD, but it really falls in line with the premise of this […]


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