AutoCAD 101 Series – Dynamic Blocks Week 4 – More on Points

This is the 9th article in my AutoCAD 101 series – to read about the origination for this series, see the first post here: <Intro>
The last post in this series was about diving in to “Dynamic Blocks” ‘Point’ and ‘Alignment’ Parameters and the ‘Move’ and ‘Stretch’ Actions. <link>.  This post will be just changing the Phone_Board block created in the previous post to remove the ‘Alignment’ Parameter and add some additional insertion points.
Figure A
‘Figure B’ below is a view in the block editor showing the additional ‘Points’ added and ‘Alignment’ removed.
Figure B
Notes on the above image:

  • 0,0 = default insertion point
  • ‘INSERT-MID’ = an optional insertion point (Note that naming your parameters is a nice organizational step)
  • ‘INSERT’ = an optional insertion point
  • The ‘Move’ and ‘Stretch’ points will actually also be optional insertion points – whether you want it or not.  (There is probably a way around this, I just have not spent the time to figure it out – If you know, please enlighten me!
  • The exclamation points, which typically indicate an issue, are ok if they are just being used as multi-insertion point parameters.
Multiple Insertion Points:
  • Right click on the block and select ‘Block Editor’
  • Pick the ‘Point’ parameter and place it on the far lower right corner of the rectangle
  • Pull the cursor down to place the label (call it ‘Insert’)
  • Pick the ‘Point’ parameter and place it on the mid-point of the bottom horizontal line
  • Pull the cursor down to place the label (call it ‘Mid-Insert’)
  • Done
  • Test the block to make sure it is doing what is expected – pick on the right end of the block and drag the point left or right.  If all is well, close test window and save your block.
So what do these extra points do for us?  If you created this block or something like it and you added multiple points, when the block is inserted, as you tap the ‘CTRL’ key, the insertion point will alternate to each point – handy!
In the next post, I will cover the flip and rotate Parameters and Actions.
If you run into a snag with any of this, email me at


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