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Are you planning on upgrading to AutoCAD 2013?  For users that have older versions of AutoCAD and have not upgraded in a while (versions older than 2010), now would seem like a great time to do so.  Between the discounted pricing and 0% financing you have a great opportunity to get up to current technology levels.

Current upgrade pricing for AutoCAD, which is valid for versions 2010 through 2012 is $1995.  Prior to that would typically require a new purchase at $3995.  But every so often, Autodesk will come up with a special promo to try to bring some of the no-up graders and non-subscription folks back in to the fold.  Now is such a time.  Autodesk’s “It’s time to make the move” promo allows you to upgrade for slightly more than the standard upgrade price of current users. Older versions of AutoCAD (not LT) can be upgraded to AutoCAD 2013 for $2240.  $2240 vs $3995 seems like a pretty good deal – about a 44% discount!

A couple tidbits.

The current Autodesk “It’s time to make the move” promo” expires July 13th.

In looking at the requirements for the promo on the Imaginit site, I saw that Subscription is required, but was assured by our reseller that it was not currently required for this promo.  It was.

The 0% financing is available on all Autodesk software, but only until July 13th or their budget of $7 million in funding runs out – whichever comes first. (FY13-Q2-0-Financing-T&Cs-Finall)

This is an excellent time to look at getting into Revit by upgrading to a Building Design Suite.

Now your mileage may vary depending on the deals your specific vendor offers you.  Currently my data is based on Imaginit, ( and specifically the Tampa office.  If you are interested in benefiting from this offer, maybe give Iris a call at 800-706-1000 x:102.

It’s your move…

Now separately I am curious to know what folks are running out there and would appreciate it if you would please fill out the very quick/short survey below about your current software. Should take you less than a minute.  Adding personal info is optional and will not be shared.

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