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The last two posts were on the topic of “The Time for Change” – Part I and Part II, this post is about the ‘need’ for change. Is change necessary? Yes – change is good for everyone whether an individual or an organization and for many reasons. Let’s start by thinking of the simple and often taken for granted process of New Years resolutions. It is pretty easy to set resolutions at New Year’s Eve, in fact it is often expected that the majority of people do. How many times have you had people ask you near the end of each year or right after the new year what your new years resolutions were. And although this process of having new years resolutions has become a habit, how many people have actually determined that they have a true need to make a resolution to make a change? I have heard many individuals comment that they plan to make their new years resolution to “quite smoking”, “drink less”, lose weight” or starting taking better care of themselves or a partner – but they say this throughout the year, long before December rolls around. So during the year, people make resolutions to make resolutions later. So why in July do people choose to wait until New Years to make a resolution to change? First off they do not feel the the urgency to change and change is hard. Resolutions are made because people know that their actions, habits, priorities, etc. are not serving them in the way they need to, but they are accustomed to doing them. Change takes work and there has to be something that drives the internal desire or need to actually go through with the work required to make the change.

“If you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got.” — High-tech proverb

Resolutions, whether on New Years or any time, are all born from something that is requiring a change. This can be an outside force such as a an ultimatum from a boss or spouse, or an internal force like a desire for personal growth or a change in environment. The need for change happens with both individuals and organizations. Below are a few examples of situations or events from each that could drive the need for change:


  • Stalled Career
  • Overweight Out of shape
  • Lonely
  • Depression
  • No Job
  • Financially Issues
  • Loss of Spiritual Faith


  • Unmotivated staff
  • High Employee Turnover
  • Over-worked
  • Project Deadline Issues
  • Product Quality Issues
  • Loss of work/customers
  • Financial Issues

The above lists of items are all negative by nature, situations and events that we would not typically want to continue. Even so, the individual or organization must truly see and desire the need to change in order to make it happen and to do this the individual (individuals in the case of an organization) must act. My fiancé and I recently attended a group coaching session held by Carrie Charles of ‘Design My Life Coaching‘ and a lot of the things that I’ve discussed in my previous posts were brought up, including SMART goals, having priorities, setting time lines, etc. but even with all that if we do not follow through and take action, it is nothing more than a well crafted plan – a dream.

Maybe the need is realized, the plan is created with goals, time lines and and action steps, but you cannot get it started. Maybe you get it started, but you stop or postpone it. You know you need it, you want it, you just get side-tracked, busy, tired, frustrated or any other form of road block that keeps you from moving forward with the required changes. You need help.

As I mentioned near the end of my last post there is a multitude of resources available in books and online that can get you going. Below are just a few resources you may need to consider, some of which I have utilized myself.

No more Mondays – (book)

What Color is your Parachute? – (book)

Manager Tools

MindTools –

Organize Tasks/ToDo Lists and Goals: Toodledo – (Website/App)


Dave Ramsey (website/App/Books) A site to help you track and manage your finances – and it’s FREE.

Health and Fitness:

Daily Burn – (website/App) –

Good to Great – (book)

Manager Tools


Business coaching and Life coaching have become big business in the last few years, and there is a reason for it – it works. Many people and businesses have the resources and intelligence to be very successful but somehow can’t seem to make the next step or sustain their momentum. Business coaches, Life Coaches and Financial advisors provide the motivation, additional experience and accountability that many of us need.

Design My Life
Be sure to sign up for the “Free 7 Step Program

Financial Advisor



An App is available for smart phones as well as an online site where you can create bible reading plans. (I am currently doing the Essential Jesus 100 day reading plan).

Growth or Small Groups:

Within many progressive churches, the traditional Bible Studies have been supplemented with small organized groups of 8 to 25 people that meet once a week for short periods of time (usually 6 – 10 weeks) to cover topics of relevant personal, social and cultural significance. The groups provide healthy social interaction and spiritual growth. Our church is currently getting started on their Spring Term groups, see here for additional information. I have personally participated in multiple groups over the last couple years, including leading and co-hosting. If your church offers such groups, I highly recommend you get involved, if you are not currently attending a church or your church does not off them, check out the groups offered at

Free Motivation / Inspiration:

YouTube – Do a search for motivation speakers like:

Tony Robbins
Jim Rohn
Zig Zeigler

Education / Tutoring:

Khan University:
A highly rated video education site that has a wealth of online easy to watch videos on everything from Astronomy and Biology to trigonometry and Venture Capitol.

The Need for change is obvious, the Time for change is now, the Tools for change are available – It’s time to Act!



  1. This is fantastic information on Change, especially for this time of year when many of our New Years Resolutions are losing steam. Change can be a challenge, but with the right tools and support, it can be an exciting process. Your blog gives us just that. Great info – keep ’em coming!

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