AU 2011 Day 2

Another day down and more tired feet. Day 2 was much like day 1, food, classes, walking, expo, and bed.

I attended a couple very interesting sessions today. Two were unconferences (attendees determine direction) and had some very lively conversations. The first was hosted by Bohler Engineering, and was led by CAD Managers from various offices around the country. The topic was about staffing and how to go about finding, interviewing, hiring, and keeping good people. Bohler and the attendees realize the importance of the process of finding and developing good people.

The second interesting session was about real world coordination in BIM, and was attended by contractors, MEP designers/engineers and a couple architects. The discussion covered BIM model coordination, model performance optimization related to coordination and the importance of communication by all parties involved in a BIM project. Coordination is critical in all types of projects, and in BIM it would seem like it would be easier due to the three dimensional model, which in some ways it is. But, like in. The 2D world, garbage in is garbage out, and bad models from the design team may require a lot more work or a complete redo of the model by the contractors team.

The third interesting session and my final for Wednesday was on CADD Leadership by Mark Kiker. This session was for CADD and BIM managers or those considering getting in to these roles and how to be successful. Mark did an excellent job at covering the essential attributes of an individual that would fill positions of leading change within an organization. The concepts covered here relate to all industries and businesses.

One more day to go and then the long flight home.

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