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Welcome to where I focus on providing AutoCAD as well as general tips and tricks on daily production for power users and those tasked with making others more productive in the AEC workplace. NOTE: I recently changed jobs and have started down a new path. As part of this change, I do not see […]

AutoCAD BAD CAD Blocks Hell!

                As a designer I work in AutoCAD on a daily basis and use files provided by others.  I am constantly miffed by the level of quality or lack there of in the files that I receive.  Today was another example of what I typically refer to as […]

Basic AutoCAD 101 Rules

Ok – this one is a Rant… Daily I deal with AutoCAD drawings from drafting ‘professionals’ that seem to still not understand some Basic AutoCAD 101 Rules – (fundamentals).  If you are an architect or architectural draftsperson – think of your electronic drawing audience – i.e. your consultants. Your drawings need to be easy to […]

Dear Mr./Mrs. Architect

Dear Mr/Mrs. Architect, We greatly appreciate and admire your work, and we understand that you, like us and everyone else on the team is under pressure to perform.  As our team leader, we look to you for guidance and direction, but there are a few things that would make our work on the team a […]

The Need for Change… getting it done

The last two posts were on the topic of “The Time for Change” – Part I and Part II, this post is about the ‘need’ for change. Is change necessary? Yes – change is good for everyone whether an individual or an organization and for many reasons. Let’s start by thinking of the simple and […]