AutoCAD 101 Series – Blocks – Recap


Are you new to AutoCAD? Have you been using AutoCAD for years but only use the blocks, styles, layers and tools that others have created?  Do you want to learn more or step up your game on features you’re not very strong in and pick up some practical examples of best practices?  If so, this series is for you.  Over the course of 12 months and maybe more I will cover the basics of a lot of AutoCAD tools and features that many may want or need to learn more about. This is the 13th article in my AutoCAD 101 series – to read about the origination for this series, see the first post here: <Intro>

The last post in this series was about “Dynamic Blocks” on the ‘Flip’ Parameter and Action. <link>. I wanted to Wrap up with the ‘Linear’ parameter and action, but I just ran short on time with all things going on.  If you are interested in the Linear Parameter and Actions, email me and I’ll get something posted for you. At this point I want to get moving ahead on other topics.  This post is a recap of what has been posted so far to date. The next 101 post will switch gears in to external reference files (XREFs).

So far I have created 10 posts that covered the basics of everyday ‘What, Why and How’ of AutoCAD blocks and how to supercharge them by adding ‘Dynamic’ properties.  Below is a summary of ‘Block’ specific posts to date.

In the next post, I will dive in to external reference files, which is another basic tool that many still struggle with.  I will discuss types of XREFs, ‘Attachments’ vs ‘Overlays’ and practical tips and uses of external reference files.

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